Morocco BLS Spain Visa: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Spain Visa from Morocco

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If you want to visit one of the countries in the Schengen territory, at which Consulate do I apply for a visa? Can I just come to the Consulate of Spain and apply right away? How early can I apply? How long do I have to wait for the Visa once I submit my application? Where Do I pay the Visa Fees? Do I have to apply personally? Can my passport be collected by someone else? Can I live in Spain having a short term visa? Do I need to have a medical insurance? What do I do if I am refused? If I am refused, should I wait for some time before applying for a visa again? How can I make an appointment? Do I have to pay for the appointment? How can I make payment for the appointment? I have a debit card issued in Spain or another country but not Moroccan, can I make an appointment? Do I have to open a bank account in Barid Bank? Is this the same for national and long-term visa appointments as well? if i don't have a debit or a credit card ,can i pay at barid cash? are you going to keep my debit card details with you? what if i don't have a bank account? can i use my Friend's debit card to pay the appointment?
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