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Solicitar una Visado para España
en Marruecos

New Arrangements for Appointments Through the Call Center and Website in Nador

- Applicants without visa can apply for an appointment through the Call Center

- Applicants are encouraged to use their own phone number as they will be asked the day of the visa application

- Failure by the applicant to submit a visa application on the day of the appointment, and subject to a plausible and convincing justification, will make it impossible for the applicant to apply another visa application for a period of six (06) months

- Applicants who have obtained a Schengen visa issued by Spain for six (6) or more months in the last two years, may apply for an appointment at BLS International Visa Application Center, through the website.

1. The Call Center is a support tool for applicants who request an appointment to apply for a Schengen-Spain visa.

2. The new website process is for people with a Schengen visa, issued by Spain, of six (6) or more months duration in the last two years.

a. Applicants without a visa can call the Call Center at +212 522 242 764 to book an appointment.
b. All calls are recorded for audit, quality, transparency and training purposes.
c. Applicants are strongly encouraged to use their mobile or landline phones to make calls, the number will be recorded in our system, and this is the number that the consulate can use to contact the applicant for more information.
d. Applicants applying through the website must provide proof that they meet requirements by providing details of the previous Spanish Schengen visa issued for a minimum period of 6 months in the last two years.
e. The copy of the last visa must be shown at VAC at the date and time of the appointment, even if this visa is affixed to an old passport.
f. The applicant will not be allowed to benefit from an appointment through the Website if he does not provide proof of previous visa.
g. The appointment will be cancelled and the applicant will have to make a new appointment.

3. Candidates who do not meet requirements of a website appointment, are invited to make an appointment through the Call Center.

4. For more information, please contact +212 522 242 764 or visit our website.

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