BLS International advises visa applicants to exercise caution and vigilance regarding the following points:

Our staff never ask visa applicants to make cash payments or any other form of payment to obtain an appointment, expedite the visa application process, secure an earlier appointment, or influence decision-making.

We do not recommend any direct payments into personal bank accounts.

Appointments must be booked exclusively through the BLS website. Please refer to the website for authorized service fees payable to BLS International.

Always request a receipt for optional value-added services available at our center.

The decision regarding visa applications is made solely by the competent authorities, and BLS International has no role or influence in this process. If you receive such a request (in writing or verbally), please report it immediately by completing the complaint form or by sending an email to or to the Center Manager.

Be cautious of intermediaries selling visa appointments under the name of BLS International or individually outside our center. All appointments must be booked through the BLS International website. Please refrain from purchasing appointments through a third party: this is a fraudulent practice that BLS International strongly condemns. As a responsible service provider, we make every effort to inform applicants to be wary of fraudulent intermediaries charging fees to clients for appointment bookings. Our website:


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that appointments for Schengen visas will be divided into three categories:

CASA 1: for those who have never obtained a visa or those who obtained it before 2020.

CASA 2: for individuals who have obtained a Schengen visa after January 2020 for a duration of less than two years. They must provide a copy of the last visa on the day of submitting the application.

CASA 3 : for individuals who have obtained a Schengen visa after January 2020 for a duration of two years or more. They must provide a copy of the last visa on the day of submitting the application.

Important note:

Children under 12 years old and spouses of applicants in categories CASA 2 and CASA 3 can submit their applications in the same file, even if they do not have a previous visa. Children over 12 years old without a previous visa must submit individually with a CASA 1 appointment. Applicants who choose a category that does not correspond to their visa history will not be accepted at the center, and service fees will not be refunded.


Please note that appointments for Tetouan will be available every Saturday at 10 am until the weekly quota is exhausted. Please be informed that no appointment is required for national visas; you must present directly at our visa application center.


Please note that appointments for Rabat will be available every Saturday at 10 am until the weekly quota is exhausted (exclusively for the area of the Consulate General of Spain in Rabat). Travel insurance is mandatory for travel to Spain.

Applicants can purchase travel insurance from licensed insurance companies or click below to access their travel insurance: Africa First Assist: Click here Europe Assistance: Click here


We inform you that appointments for Schengen and national visas for Casablanca will be available on our website on April 14 at 10 am.


Only debit or credit cards in the applicant's name will be accepted. We will not accept payment cards in the name of a third party or anonymous individuals. Please note that any individual providing false information during appointment booking, such as name, passport number, email, and phone number, will not be allowed to submit their application on the appointment day at the visa center. The applicant's data at the time of booking the appointment must match the data at the time of submitting the visa application and correspond to the Schengen visa form. *Before confirming the appointment, you must verify your information "NAME, SURNAME, PASSPORT NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH," and consular jurisdictions.

The last four digits of your credit card will be checked upon receipt at our center. If they do not match the card used when booking the appointment, you will not be allowed to submit your documents.

Any false or erroneous information provided in these premises regarding the visa history of the applicant will be subject to measures that the Consulate General of Spain is required to apply concerning this situation, which in any case could lead to the immediate refusal of the application and the indication of said situation in the applicant's file.


For passport collection in Tetouan and Rabat: we inform our respected applicants that no one can collect your passport on your behalf, even with a power of attorney.

Before visiting our offices, please check the list of public holidays on the following link:

Due to the new restrictions, we would like to inform you that children under 12 years old are no longer accepted at our visa application center in Casablanca and Tangier. You must only bring a recent photo (less than one month old) of your child.



Appointments, required documents, and the visa application form are available free of charge on the website.

The BLS Spain Visa Application Center provides no other services apart from receiving and processing Spanish visa applications, as authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa fees for EU family members are free of charge.

Visa application forms can be completed in Spanish or French.

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